Provide the fundamental to advanced knowledge to all

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The aim of Sociological Notes is to provide the fundamental to advanced knowledge to all who are interested in the disciplines Sociology, Social Work, Sociological Theory, Sociological Research Methods, Teacher Education, and Quality Assurance in Higher Education.

The entire effort is mainly dedicated to upgrading the quality of teaching and learning in contemporary society. The basic concepts have been illustrated using simple, day-to-day language so that anyone could understand and use it.

Each entry has been designed using correct in-text citations with a proper referencing style [in this case Harvard] to allow the learners or users a thorough understanding of the sources used.

With each and every entry I wish to gift the users a remarkable intellectual development through new knowledge, better understanding, and a practical sense of the fundamentals of each discipline.

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Wishing each and every moment of your life a fruitful experience!